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Blog - Mar 21, 2019

Just like we established one of the first PR agencies in 2002, set up the Online PR Sector in 2008, or before Facebook came here, created the first Txe Content Studio 2015, now we’ll do something that will mark the beginning of a new era. From this post onwards, 5 Represent Communications agencies in 4 neighboring countries have their first content hub on their new website.

I hope you like our new site, too. Together with one of the best programming companies, we’ve worked on it for nearly six months, optimizing and designing it to be easily searchable and useful for all of you who visit it. In this endeavor, we’ve been guided by the content marketing philosophy, also known as inbound or direct response marketing, teaching us that communication should be beneficial rather than aggressive, that our clients are heroes whose needs at a particular moment need to be settled through communication in a manner they prefer it to be consumed.

We in Represent has realized that time for the classic marketing model is up. Although many in our industry are still not willing to admit and are persistently promoting TV commercials and print or online ads as the ultimate creative products. We are all witnessing the Internet sweeping away print media, in the same manner as Netflix and other pay-per-view TV services are wining over the classic linear television, but we’re not changing the business model of marketing agencies, defined more than 50 years ago. That is why the largest marketing empires are falling behind and losing their value.

But the Representative teams in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia are learning. And striving to apply the new knowledge in their day-to-day work. We advise our clients to leverage new and growingly effective ways of communicating messages along with the classic and still effective communication. And these new ways will be the only effective ones in a not so far future. This website serves as an example to our clients, as well as to all our peers in the marketing communication industry, of what a well-organized and managed content hub, applicable both in the marketing industry and all other business segments, looks like.

We are not afraid of trying something new, stepping out of our comfort zone and applying what we believe in on ourselves. Because as The New York Times is going digital and Google tells a touching human story in the most expensive TV commercial slot, then we in our small region need to keep up and communicate in a way that everyone in the world understands us!



Borislav Miljanović

CEO (Represent System)

As we live in the world of communications, let's be communication masters!

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