Presentation Skills Seminar

In brief

Good communication skills are necessary for success in any profession. The way we communicate has a dominant influence on the image of the organization where we work. In order to make communication successful, it is important that we communicate messages clearly, unambiguously and plausibly. And in order to be successful in a public appearance and make a good impression, we need to prepare thoroughly.

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  • Format

    Face to face
    Up to 15 participants

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  • Venue

    1-3/II Knez Mihailova Street,

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What you will learn

The Presentation Skill training aims to improve your demonstrational communication skills and the production of clear presentations in various professional situations. Furthermore, we will teach you reliable presentation techniques that appeal to your audience. That includes methods of creating clear and resonant key messages, as well as proper diction and accentuation of principal words. Additionally, we will help you overcome fear of public appearance and help you build up your confidence. At the end of the seminar, you will receive guidelines that will help you further develop your individual style and improve your interaction with the audience.

Who benefits
from the

Those who have an opportunity to present at conferences and address audience
Those in charge of running meetings in their organizations
Those who speak in public and have media appearances
Those who aim to improve their presentation techniques and skills
Beginners and managers with experience in public appearance


Introduction to communication

  • Business Communication as Core of Identity and Reputation
  • Overcoming Obstacles towards Successful Communication
  • Business Communication Model, Styles and Techniques
  • Introduction to Business Protocol

Verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Message Production
  • Verbal Communication
  • Orator Skills (Breathing Exercises, Voice and Gestures – Techniques and Tools, Diction Exercises)
  • Para-Verbal Communication
  • Non-Verbal Communication

Presentation preparation (design and structure)

  • Business Presentation Preparation
  • Defining and Communicating Key Message
  • Presentation Planning and Structuring
  • Presentation Design – Preparation Using Visual Presentation Tools

Public apperance

  • Preparation of Presentations by Seminar Participants (overcoming stage fright)
  • Presenting
  • Man vs. Technique – What Is More Important for Presentation
  • Recognizing Audience and Establishing Contact
  • Appearance, Posture, Gestures
  • “Little secrets of grand masters…”

Exercise, exercise, exercise

  • Presenting in Groups and Recording of Appearance
  • Preparation for Q&As and Answering Unpleasant Questions
  • Feedback for Further Improvement