Crisis Communication Training

In brief

This advanced training program for communication in crisis situations includes PR strategy for reactions within communication towards internal and external public, traditional and social media. The training also covers simulations of real-life crisis situations in the form of recording interviews with our seasoned journalists. The aim of the training is to enable participants to recognize a crisis situation and react adequately and proactively, as well as to define a communication system during a crisis. The training teaches participants about responsibilities within a crisis team and phases and tools for successful resolution of a crisis.

  • Date


  • Duration

    From 4 to 8 hours

  • Format


  • Language


  • Location

    1-3/II Knez Mihailova Street,

  • Fee

    Please contact the Agency for proposal


  • Defining Crisis Situation Forms
  • Defining Causes of Crisis Emergence and Development
  • Presentation of Crisis Communication Models
  • How to Save Organisation’s Reputation
  • Crisis Communications Management
    – Defining Objectives
    – Defining Target Groups
    – Production of Messages for Specific Target Groups
  • Crisis Draft Content
  • Communication and Engagement of Stakeholders
  • Code of Conduct in Crisis Situation
  • Giving Media Statements and Interviews in Crisis Situation – Simulation
  • Online Reputation and Content Protection
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Communication on Social Media
  • Reaction and Engagement of Audience on Social Media
  • Monitoring of and Reaction to Comments

Who is it for?

The Crisis Communication Training targets managers of a company who would be, directly or indirectly, be engaged in case of a crisis.
It also targets managers at high positions, individuals involved in planning of communication in crisis situations, top managers, those in charge of media communication and experts in the area of communications.