Media and Public Appearance Training

In brief

The aim of the training is to teach participants how to best utilize their time in a media or public appearance in order to communicate key messages to their target audience. The training consists of theoretical and practical part. In the first part, participants learn about the media scene, functioning of the media, formulation of key messages, preparation for studio, while in the second part, an appearance simulation is recorded, followed by recommendations.

  • Date


  • Duration

    From 4 to 8 hours

  • Format


  • Language


  • Location

    1-3/II Knez Mihailova Street,

  • Fee

    Please contact the Agency for proposal


  • Media Scene of Serbia
  • Expert Media Profiles
  • How to Establish Cooperation with Editors and Journalists
  • Preparation for Appearance
  • Defining Basic Direction and Key Messages of Relevance for Company
  • Dress and Conduct Code in Public Appearance
  • Off the record
  • Good Practice Examples
  • Statement and Interview Simulation
  • Evaluation and Recommendations

Who is it for?

Top management, sales/production directors, corporate communications sector employees, as well as all those who appear in public on behalf their company or organization.