Social Media Communication Training

In brief

This advanced training represents a strategic approach to managing social media communication and points to a wider perspective in its implementation for every company and organization. In the course of this training, participants will master practical techniques for using the latest online platforms and learn about trends and examples of good and bad practice. They will also learn about tools ensuring better activity of audience and establishment of stronger engagement through creating measurable values. The training also includes mechanisms used in case of a social media crisis development, specific features of communication in such situations and ways to respond to a crisis efficiently.
The aim of this training is efficient promotion of business, personal brand or product and strengthening of capacities of the team managing social media, definition of steps for successful planning and management of social media communication.

  • Date


  • Duration

    From 4 to 16 hours

  • Format


  • Language


  • Location

    1-3/II Knez Mihailova Street,

  • Fee

    Please contact the Agency for proposal


  • Traits and Features of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube
  • Establishment of Corporate Presence
  • Production of Social Media Content
  • Tone and Manner of Communication
  • Social Media Advertising and Definition of Target Groups
  • Setting Objectives, Audience, Proper Format, Defining Budget and Measuring for Each of the Listed SoMe Platforms
  • Good Practice Examples – Content Proposals
  • Bad Practice Examples – What Should Not or Must Not Be Done
  • Positioning and Branding of Institution on Social Media
  • Important Elements for Audience Building
  • Preparation of Post Calendar
  • How Crisis Emerges and Spreads via Social Media
  • Typical and Potential Crisis Situations That May Emerge Online
  • Specific and Efficient Tools in Crisis Communication on Social Media
  • Examples of Cases for Previous Practice
  • Overview and Analysis of Trends in Communications Today
  • What is “content marketing”, or marketing via content?
  • Media Segmentation per Content Marketing Approach
  • Selection of Photo and Video Material for Increasing Audience Engagement
  • Power of Owned Media
  • How Facebook and Instagram Algorithms Function
  • Increasing Engagement through Posts and Attracting New Audience
  • Creative Attention-Grabbing Message Titles
  • How to Initiate Facebook Contests
  • Product Sales on Social Media
  • Facebook Groups
  • Tools for Mobile Optimization on Instagram
  • SEO Optimization or Link Building
  • Keywords, Categories, Tags and Descriptions
  • Basic Insight into Google Analytics and Monitoring of Website Traffic

Who is it for?

The training targets the communication sector employees, those who manage social media in companies and organizations and freelancers engaged in such tasks who aim to improve their professional knowledge.